gotta reach that frequency

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Sigur Ros - Ekki Mukk (D33J Remix)


Download: Sigur Ros - Ekki Mukk (D33J Remix)

I seriously can’t get enough of D33J’s output these days, everything he touches has been golden. If you haven’t checked out the previous posts by him we highly suggest you take a look and listen.

This little flip is the perfect way to start a new month and relaxing Sunday, grab it from mediafire above or check out the soundcloud below. Our fingers are crossed that this man is working on some form of EP/LP…

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gotta reach that frequency

babe, you make me feel I could fly
or I could just be incredibly high
either way I got these feelings on my mind…
wanna roll into the future, leave the past behind
babe, you do something to my mind…
the words to describe it, are so hard to find


“Sorry I don’t take reque— Wha? Oh. Too $hort coming up!!!”
Submitted by JustinSxE

The XX - Crystalised (The Neon Lights remix)


TONIGHT, Balam Acab, Run DMT and Happy Family are inside of Subterranean A. Doors/tickets at 7:30. Don’t be cool and show up at 11:00.


Doors at 7:30.

I’m really pleased with the line-ups in D.C. recently

Tracey Thorn - Night Time (The XX Cover)


guilty pleasure

Listening to some freaky tech funk from Cloud

gym for sanity

sex for satiety


Sia - Moon

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